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January 30, 2014

Dollars and Sense. Luxury and Love.

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Heart over Head In Love – Luxury 2014
While the proliferation of content-laden, informative digital content would suggest that consumers, even luxury consumers, would, given global turmoil,  be more critical relative to their purchase decisions, more demanding of real value,  a recent Euromonitor study predicts that it will be emotion versus intellect that triumphs and  drive sales in 2014.  I adore “image” brands and have happily participated in their creation as well as what I have labeled their respective branded biospheres, extensions of lifestyles into often, seemingly unrelated categories ranging from perfume, to fashion, to furniture, to cars and beyond.
As a marketeer, creative director and copywriter I know first hand that the more aspirational a brand, the less reliant it is on product/benefit explanation.  I must admit it I have always found this odd.  Yet,  I’ve never complained about being a copywriter for a luxury ad which requires no copy.  I have taken the money and run.  Still,  in those instances when I was not the creative director, only the copywriter, I can only hope that my copy helped shape the visual communication that would add value to “image” brands.  Perhaps I was right.  Maybe “meaning” counts.  I sure hope it does.  Or, as the Euromonitor projection suggests: perhaps I was wrong.  Perhaps when it comes to luxury, it’s the heart not the head that counts – maybe it’s the dollars and not the sense.