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March 6, 2009

I’m Media. You’re Media. Life Is Media.

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This is the first of what I hope becomes a direct dialogue between a person in the business of mass communication and the persons with whom he is presumably communicating.  Up until now, I have seen advertising as too much of a one way street.  I want to know you.  We both live in the same world.  And, frankily, sometimes I get lonely.  It is my hope that my work reflects you – not just the products and services who pay me.  After all, it is you who pay the companies that pay me to sell to you.  And, in a rather unique twist, if YOU like the way I think, I can enlist your help in influencing the way THEY think.  Because, in all my years of experience I have discovered one incredible thing:  The sum of we equals them – and visa versa.  That’s not all I’ve learned.  Stay tuned.

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