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Cover Art Courtesy of Karim Rashid

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RWhen beauty powerhouse Estee Lauder acquired one of Europe¹s most distinguished natural skin care brands, Darphin ­ a brand with noble roots firmly rooted in the renowned Darphin Centre de Beauté on Paris¹ famed Saint Honoré the question was how to retain the brand¹s heritage and prestige while also positioning it as an updated, unique offering to a global consumer. I was asked to decipher the global codes for natural sophistication and discernment in a way that reflected purity and ultimate chic.

The positioning had to reflect the rich heritage of the renowned center.   An association with the very best of Parisian spa experience had to be reflected in all communication.   A world of natural refinement had to be recreated in a way that is globally understood.


A positioning statement and tags needed to be explored that was the summation of all that is, and will be: Darphin, Paris.