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Decades Denim has a few note-worthy distinctions from your average denim launch: It comes from vintage retailer extraordinaire Cameron Silver, A-list proprietor of LA's Decades and Decadestwo designer vintage boutiques.

Silver will be using Japanese denim and slightly stretch fabric and hardware in shades of white and yellow gold to construct the line of 16 styles named after iconic women in modern culture.  Model Nadja Auermann inspired a stretch velvet, dancer Martha Graham a denim legging, actress Ali McGraw cropped cargo jeans and finally, Marilyn Monroe lends her name to retro cropped cigarette jeans.  A men's line will launch next spring.

Nadeau functioned as creative director and also developed the tag, “Denim With A Past”, resulting in the line’s first style guide/look book as well as consumer advertising – both evidencing obvious nods to those fabulous women associated with what has come to be known as film noir.


Consumer Adveristing and In-Store Signage
Decades Denim Style Guide and Look Book

Brand Background: Cameron Silver