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Cover Art Courtesy of Karim Rashid

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Izod's invigorated, modern spirit is reflected by this ad that connected directly with a new breed of empowered consumer in a real-time call to action establishing the brand as both contemporary and dynamic.

Print Ads:

Out of Home:  The Izod Center has been a central living media – a branded element in the Tri-State cultural landscape.  To emphasize that the Center is not just about sports, and now includes musical and theatrical performances, I was asked to develop an appropriate, broad ad conveying the broad importance of the center and its commitment to live performances of every kind.  


Result:  The Tag:  Izod Center, Live it Live.


In an on-going relationship with Izod, LBLM has contributed the “Live It Live” Slogan marking the expansion of the landmark Izod Center entertainment venue into both live sports and entertainment.


In addition, copy was created for both Izod’s men’s and women’s Fall, 2009 Look Books