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IZOD Center - Sports and Entertainment Arena

Izod is the proud sponsor of one of America’s premier entertainment facilities.  To underscore the values of the brand and to announce that the center would be featuring live entertainment as well as sporting events, I worked with the Izod internal team to help reposition the brand, resulting in the tag line: “Live It Live” which has become a permanent element in the venue’s branding and signage.

Countless legendary moments in sports and entertainment history have taken place in the IZOD Center. The Devils have won three Stanley Cups and the Nets advanced to the NBA Finals two years in a row. The IZOD Center has been graced by some of the greatest stars in modern music. It boasts a state-of-the-art acoustical structure designed to provide audiences with excellent sound and an optimum view no matter where they're seated.

IZOD Center

Indicative of the intended expanded use showcasing all forms of live performance, the following is signage adapted to reflect at least two forms of live entertainment: sports and music.

IZOD Center Building Side View

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Stylized Red Line