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Cover Art Courtesy of Karim Rashid

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The Person

In order to prove to Calvin Klein, which at that time was licensed by Unilever, it was necessary to demonstrate that Kenneth Cole, an existing Coty Prestige brand could live within the same portfolio of brands without conflict; the following concept ads were created to distill the essence of Kenneth Cole down, revealing its urban sensibility and unique philosophical leaning. Kenneth Cole Black - with it's playfully suggestive headline, "Better in the Dark" was one final, published print ad. Kenneth Cole Reaction for him and for her was another result

The notions of purpose and independence are key elements of the Kenneth Cole brand.

Role: Global Creative Director, Vice President of New Ideas, Coty Inc.


Final Print Ads:

Kenneth Cole Black
Kenneth Cole Black Female
Kenneth Cole Reaction for Her. A male version was also created.


Concept Print Ads: