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Cover Art Courtesy of Karim Rashid

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The Person

Ideas & Image created an entirely new concept for Miss Sporty, an eastern European brand of cosmetics. In this and in every ad, a line is written that expresses the brand’s irreverence and Miss Sporty’s deep thoughts on makeup. The idea is to bring fun and whimsy to a category that is often overly serious and technological.


Because Miss Sporty is a value cosmetics brand sold only in Europe, in addition to the advertising, the re-imaging project was challenging. Notably, a bland POS presence and no discernable image were married to an awkward, dated name. In reaction, a Miss Sporty character was invented, complete with a distinct personality. The entire image is built on “Miss Sportyisms”, which reflect her irreverence and her addiction to makeup. Innovative, Japanese-inspired packaging hung from easily found J-Hooks eliminated the necessity of creating extensive store fixtures and other expensive POS – while still providing a highly upgraded, memorable retail impression.