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Astor is a very popular cosmetics brand in several key European markets – such as Germany, The Netherlands and Spain.   In a co-branding – versus just an endorsement effort – the brand transitions to Astor by Heidi Klum.  This strategy plans to bring Astor to the international stage.  Previously, Heidi represented a glamorous but married woman – a practical woman, focused on family and daily obligations.  With these two new commercials, the tag line for the brand has  changed to “Live Your Beauty” – signifying a more empowered evolution.    The motif is bright, optimistic, empowered and refreshingly modern.  Agency:  Brune Advertsing, Paris

Play it BigMascara ­ English

Lift Me Up Foundation­ English

Lift Me Up Foundation­ German


Brand New Heidi Klum for Astor

As Astor Cosmetics continues to grow across Europe, I worked with Brune Advertising in Paris as co-creative director/copy as we leveraged the international popularity of renowned celebrity model Heidi Klum to promote the brand ­ concentrating heavily in German-speaking markets. The ads and commercials were produced in both German and in an English version using sub-titles.


Television / Cinema:

Boom Mascara ­ German

Boom Mascara ­ English

Soft Sensation Lipstick German

Soft Sensation Lipstick English

False Lash Mascara German

False Lash Mascara English

Transferproof Liptint & Balm German

Transferproof Liptint & Balm English