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Contributor: Best Ugly, Restaurant Concepts and Architecture by AVROKO, published by Collins Design

I have had the privilege of working with AvroKO, the James Beard award-winning design and architecture team and one of the hottest restaurant design firms in Manhattan - with influence and assignments around the world. I was privileged to contribute to their book, Best Ugly, Restaurant Concepts and Architecture by AvroKo, printed by Harper Collins.

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In celebration of Coty¹s 100 year anniversary, in conjunction with corporate communications, Nadeau co-edited Coty, published by Assouline Publishing and written by Orla Healy.

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Contributor: Skin, Surface, Substance and Design by Ellen Lupton, published
by Princeton Architectural Press

Designers, by nature, are obsessed with the surfaces and appearances of objects. Maryland Institute College of Art graphic design department co-chair Ellen Lupton brought that idea together with the surfaces and appearances that almost everyone else on the planet is obsessed with for Skin, an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York and an accompanying book from Princeton Architectural Press. 001 Coty was a featured segment of the book and part of the exhibit.

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Today’s Great Poems: John Campbell, Editor and Publisher, is a collection of poems determined to be best in class and representative of shifts in contemporary poetry.

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In the Wind: Something Very Sinister. All will be revealed. Target Release, 2021 ­ contact for more details or interest. Professional inquiries welcome.

To follow the evolution of this book, a book that reveals the underbelly of beauty, fashion, love, lust, and greed, based on first-hand experience, follow me on Twitter as the ugly truth slithers into existence. Help shape the tale of a depraved Dandy in an even more despicable world of facades and false definitions of beauty. You’re guaranteed a thrilling, dazzling ride. For, what is the point of life without deceit and lots and lots of jewelry? 


Living Brands Inspiration Video

This video was created to predict trends for Coty Inc. In it, you will see the foundation of many of the trends highlighted in the book: Living Brands, Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Fascination. Ironically, at the time, British Petroleum was differentiating itself based on its alleged eco-responsibility, proving that corporations, like consumers, must not only talk the talk, they must walk the walk in order to sustain continued credibility and growth.