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Living Brands Book Cover

The Book
Cover Art Courtesy of Karim Rashid
Nautica White Sail Ad

The Portfolio

Headshot of Raymond Nadeau

The Person
Random Peeks

Time Framed, trailer tease integrating Tesla and other brands. Web. Mobile. On-Line. Starring Ian Somerhalder

As part of a fully integrated campaign, this is one of five commercials that accompanied mobile, web and immersive live experience. Celebrities told their stories and consumers were drawn into their own variations under the umbrella of saving and refurbishing Ellis Island. A plethora of A list celebrities, including Michael Phelps pitched in to re-introduce America's oldest shirt brand.

 A Preview of a YouTube Video

Nkhensani Nkosi & Volvo
Nkhensani Nkosi is one of Africa¹s leading designers. Her Stoned Cherrie and Love Movement brands have spread across Africa and other regions of the world during the last ten years. I was brought in to re-brand her label, launch an interactive, experiential design studio, lead advertising, create digital outreach and seek co-branding and licensing opportunities.

Rejuvel3D is the first skin cream to utilize patented NASA technology; it was developed using exclusive micro-gravity technology and is the only product of its kind to stimulate new skin in three dimensions to counteract the effects of aging.

As Ripar Cosmetici expanded, it initiated its digital campaign. See portfolio for additional brand details.

A Screenshot of Ripar's Website

A 2nd Screenshot of Ripar's Website

Heidi Klum for
Astor Cosmetics

"Live Your Beauty"

Nadeau recent article in Brand Experience magazine:
Raymond Nadeau Disputes The Role of Analytics in Brand Innovation.

The advertising, marketing and branding professions have often been accused of being "superficially-fixated", self-serving manipulative forces of economic expansion - necessarily evils fueling consumerism - justifiable only because of the alleged resulting prosperity they enable - the same "prosperity" that many say is responsible for the open-pit economy we now confront.

As a product of this incubator - with the majority of my background concentrated in notorious "image" categories, I simply don't buy that. I refuse. It's why I wrote the book, "Living Brands, Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Fascination". I believe that good can be glamorous. I believe that satisfying real need supersedes creating demand. I believe that beauty in all its varied forms needs no justification or apology. I believe in beauty. I see it everywhere. I believe that culture is the mother of commerce - not the other way around. My former and current advertising, brand identity and new product conceptualization projects reflect that abiding philosophy.

"Living Brands signals the beginning of consumer empowerments, as Raymond Nadeau shows the way to a much-needed renaissance in advertising creativity." - George Lois, legendary advertising pioneer and author


Books by George Lois include:  Ali Rap: Muhammad Ali the First Heavyweight Champion of Rap, The Art of Advertising: George Lois on Mass Communication, Covering the '60s: George Lois, The Esquire Era, Iconic America: Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates American Culture, Sellebrity: My Angling and Tangling With Famous People, What's the Big Idea?: How to Win With Outrageous Ideas and George, Be Careful: A Greek Florist's Kid in the Roughhouse World of Advertising.

Review title
Kirkus Review

A new approach to branding for the 21st century. Nadeau, advertising and branding pioneer extraordinaire, starts with a simple and reasonable premise: The job of advertisers should not be to invent consumer needs, but to fill existing desires. The advent of technology, he argues, has created an empowered consumer that has more say than ever in how brands are created and evolve...

Triangle Business Journal Review

The publisher's description for this book says, "If you want to build and strengthen your brand in the twenty-first century, you need more than clever grassroots promotions and hip guerrilla marketing...






Endorsements title

“There are those in all fields of marketing who struggle their entire careers, desperately attempting to reconcile what they do with what they believe.  For those persons, Living Brands provides a road map to both professional success and personal redemption.” 

- Dr. Peter Harf,
Chief Executive Officer of Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH
Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rickett Benckiser plc., and Chairman of the Board, Coty Inc.

"Nadeau's suggestion that brands are living, breath (and oftimes fragile) entities is spot on. This book forces us to see beyond convention and look twenty-first century branding squarely in the eye."

- Matt Eastwood

J. Walter Thompson, Global ECO

DDB Worldwide, Chief Creative Officer

Former National Creative Director and Vice Chairman, DDB Australia

Former Chief Creative Officer, Y&R

Tesla/Conde Nast

The Campaign to Save Ellis Island

Kristin Cavallari Save Ellis Island

Arrow Ellis Island 2

We are Ellis Island Seans shot

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