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Raymond Alexander Nadeau is an internationally celebrated, award-winning Marketing Professional, Creative Director, Innovator, Copywriter, Strategist, Trend Authority, Branding Expert, Published Author, Experiential Marketing Advocate/Director and Print, Web and Television Journalist and Director­ with a record of success spanning multiple categories, countries and disciplines. He is fluent in all media and experiential platforms. He is best known for his groundbreaking work in beauty and fashion industries - although he has also worked extensively in other categories, notably hospitality, entertainment and spirits.

Nadeau is a highly popular industry speaker ­ focusing on the evolution of media, cultural trends and brand ethics. His award-winning, best-selling first book "Living Brands, Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Fascination", published by McGraw- Hill, has created a new 21st century model of ethical brand-to-consumer dialogue impacting advertising, marketing and all aspects of brand experience, product/brand development and, ultimately, consumer empowerment in tandem with corporate responsibility – mostly made possible via advances in digital technology.

He works both independently and as the Founder and Co-Creative Director of of Living Brands Living Media Communications. He is also creatively represented by L- Artists in New York and Milan as well as independently working freelance for renowned branding and advertising agencies located on three continents. Nadeau is the official U.S. copywriter for Paris-based, Brune Advertising, working on, among other brands, Astor Cosmetics, endorsed by renowned celebrity/model Heidi Klum.

Nadeau is the former Vice President of New Ideas, Global Creative Director for beauty and fragrance giant, Coty Inc., - consisting of Coty Beauty and Coty Prestige - formerly known as the Lancaster Group. Coty Inc. is the world's largest perfume manufacturer and a major cosmetics industry powerhouse. Nadeau has helped shape brand Identities, product concepts and both off and on-line advertising and branding strategies for beauty, fashion and more traditional brands. Among others, he has worked with adidas (yes, it's supposed to be lower case), Nautica, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, Baby Phat, Jil Sander, Isabella Rossellini, Reese Witherspoon, Redken N.Y.C.,Sally Hansen, Vivienne Westwood, Chopard, Izod, Timberland, NASA (yes NASA), Benedictine Heritage, Arrow, Calvin Klein, Rock Scene for Tommy Hilfiger (broad concept and brand extensions), The Emerald Monkey Eco-Luxe Resort in Panama, Limited Too, Bath and Body Works, Avon, Estee Lauder, Johnson and Johnson, Samsung, Amazon, Volkswagen, The Walt Disney Companies, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Smirnoff Vodka, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Ketel One Vodka.

Recent work celebrates the re-launch, re-branding and advertising for the iconic Fiorucci fashion brand ­ including the opening of its first new store in Hong Kong.

He has also participated in the recent launch of Decades Denim and is working with the collaborative effort between the Tuscan government, high profile luxury manufacturers such as Prada and Gucci and local manufacturers' collectives in order to further promote luxury Italian leather goods and accessories in its New York- based showroom and academy as well as its Florence-based university.

As a board member of Brand Visionaries, affiliated with the University of Rhode Island, he influenced the naming and concept of Gucci's highly successful, "Guilty" franchise. Nadeau has also lead expansion into 18 European countries for Redken, NYC and is currently creating the first concept store and line of related products for Nkhensani Nkosi, the force behind Stoned Cherrie, Africa's most popular, homegrown luxury lifestyle brand. Stoned Cherrie and Volvo co-branded, propelling Stoned Cherrie’s awareness and distribution outside of Africa.

Nadeau's groundbreaking Living Brands, Living Media strategy has been profiled in Brandweek, W, Adweek, WWD, The New York Times and on CNN ­ as well as via numerous Australian, European and Indian media.

Perhaps Nadeau's most recognized campaign was created in tandem with ARROW, a division of the Phillips Van-Heusen Corporation; he was senior writer and Co-Creative Director working on the integrated, international, multi-platform advertising effort in support of the Save Ellis Island Organization and the U.S. National Parks Department. He has also worked with Invista, to redefine Lycra, the fiber, as a body-shaping brand.

Nadeau has also served as Volunteer Creative Director for DKMS Americas, the world's largest bone marrow database dedicated to addressing Lymphoma and other forms of blood cancer. Nadeau has been a regular contributor to on-line magazines and also works as a journalist for publications such as 2-Magazine, SpaAsia, SpaArabia, Ageless Republic, Traversing the Orient, the London-based B2B agency, GDR, Global Design Registry, publishers of the Trends and Design Report as well as the internationally renowned Video Fashion Network. In 2012, Nadeau contributed a series of five articles evaluating male skin care to, a subsidiary of The New York Times.

Nadeau was the former host of Living Brands on Turner Media's (The Media Group's), Beauty and Fashion network as well as having written a regularly featured style column for the first-of-its-kind social media network dedicated to active babyboomers. He also authored a spa/wellness column on His featured interviews with business thought leaders can be found on his blog and regular expert column on the Emmy-Award-Winning on-line magazine, Nadeau previously served on the Board of Directors of the acclaimed trend and strategy resource, The Sputnik Observatory, an on-line, non-profit repository of contemporary culture. He has also worked with Sputnik Entertainment Inc., the ideation and renowned innovation and ideation organization, founded by the authors of the groundbreaking book, "Street Trends."

Nadeau has also contributed to a book on retail architecture, "Best Ugly", by architects and designers, AvroKo, published by Prentice Hall. He also worked as an executive producer and script consultant for an up-coming feature film, Satisfaction, as well as working on his next novel ­ a not-so-fictional expose of life inside the colorful worlds of cosmetics, fashion and advertising. Be warned ­ Nadeau is watching.

In January of 2011, Nadeau was appointed as advisor to African Fashion Week’s, New York, Paris, Berlin and Milan showcase. Nadeau was recently the keynote speaker at the Pan-Asian LOHAS Association's marketing symposium in Singapore - addressing the implications of green marketing - from both global and Asia-specific perspectives, particularly as they relate to differences in the usage/impact of various modes of social media across Asia.

In addition, Nadeau has served as the Creative Director of North Carolina State University's Art2Wear conceptual fashion show, a Colleges of Design and Fibers production which attracts in excess of 4000 live attendees annually.

True to his belief that media is shifting towards mobile and other digital formats, supplemented by more traditional vehicles, Nadeau helped create a short form movie for Vogue in which he integrated a story-line utilizing branded elements and mobile extensions for Tesla, Minx Nails and Ice Link Watches. The segment starred actor Ian Somerhalder and is visible on Nadeau’s web site.

212 737 2018

  • 2015 National Idea Delta Grant – Design Thinking
  • I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review - Honors for 001 Coty
  • WWD Beauty Biz - Best Executed Launch Strategy for Celine Dion
  • Brune Advertising voted France’s most promising new agency
  • AIGA Design Awards - Warner Brothers, Disney, Kanebo Cosmetics, 001Coty
  • Global Cosmetics Industry Best Fragrance Launch of 2004 – Celine Dion
  • Chrysler Award Nomination - 001Coty Web Site
  • 2001Coty concept fragrance is housed in the permanent collections of the Cooper Hewitt, Museum, the Munich Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Danish Museum
  • 3 FiFis, Including best new fragrance launch for Celine Dion
  • Chief Advisor: Africa Fashion Week N.Y., Berlin, Paris, London, Milan - 2011
  • Sole American Artist: The Impossible Generation, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art - 2012
  • Emerald Monkey, Eco-Luxe Resort - Swept the American Property Awards across every category: Best Property, Best Development, Best Concept, Best Marketing, Best Interior Design and Best Architecture– 2011
  • Negotiated and was designated official personal care provider for NASA via a Space Act Agreement passed by Congress
  • Profiled on Interbrand’s Brand Channel
  • Featured in Brandweek, CNN, W, WWD, Video Fashion Television and The New York Times
  • Parsons, The New School, Master’s Thesis Product Design Judge
  • Pro Bono Creative Director, DKMS Americas
  • FIT Mentor Program
  • Author: Living Brands, Collaboration + Innovation = Customer Fascination
  • Contributing Author: Best Ugly, by Award winning Architects, AvroKo

Reuters: Thomson Reuters Registered Advertising Expert Witness: Skin Care






Journalism/Content Creation – Emmy Award Winning Scribe Media, Video Fashion Network, Beauty Fashion Channel, Health and Wellness Channel, 2Magazine for Men, Australian Spa and Beauty, Traversing The Orient, Spa Asia, Spa Arabia,,,,, Health and Wellness Channel, A Healthy Green and syndicated Global Design Registry and Intelligence.

Also featured in The New York Times, Cosmetics World, Brandweek, CNN and W.