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Arrow, a division of PVH, in celebration of its unique position as America’s oldest clothing brand sought out the essence of America. It was through an inspired collaboration with the National Parks Department that  PVH’s in-house advertising department chose Ben Osrisich, Richard Phibbs and I to create the most expansive, fully integrated, multi-media social awareness campaign ever conducted by a clothing manufacturer/fashion brand. This included the creation of a social network interactive web site. The effort inspired the headline: “Where the World Came Together, and American Style Began.” The various webisodes are intended to eventually comprise the foundation of a documentary.  Not only was the Arrow brand’s essence reinforced, but donations made possible through the campaign will enable renovation of an historic landmark – providing additional conference space for use by the United Nations in the interests of international collaboration and détente.

Role: Co-Creative Director, Lead Writer, Interviewer


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